So that colonialisms of yesterday and today are not repeated tomorrow

Support to La Realidad zapatista

Colonialism Reparation supports the world campaign for the reconstruction of the school and clinic in La Realidad, Chiapas and demands that the Mexican Government, in addition to condemning the instigators and authors of the armed assault, apologize and pay reparations, along with Spain for the entire colonial period.

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Neo-colonialist is the West, not China

Colonialism Reparation calls on the neo-colonialist West to stop using China as a scapegoat and, on the other hand, apologize and pay reparations to the former colonies, including China.

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France: reparation is due

Colonialism Reparation calls on France, the homeland of the "Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen", on the occasion of the "National Day of remembrance of slave trade, slavery and abolition" to take responsibilities regarding the colonial period and to positively respond to the reparations demand of CARICOM.

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Immediate reparations to the former Caribbean colonies

Colonialism Reparation supports the request for reparations of the members of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) for the genocide of the native people and the slavery and calls on the former colonizers (United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, etc. ) to immediately apologize and pay reparations for the colonial period.

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Support to the CARICOM reparations Commission

Colonialism Reparation supports the path taken by the regional reparations Commission and calls on all Member States of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) that have not yet done it to form as soon as possible their own national reparations committees.

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No to the recolonization of the Central African Republic

Colonialism Reparation calls on France to carry out the immediate withdrawal of its troops and asks that the armed forces of the Central African Republic be placed side by side only with the support mission of the African Union.

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Apologies and reparations for Batang Kali

Colonialism Reparation supports the request for apologies and compensations of the victim’s families committee for the Batang Kali’s massacre and calls on the United Kingdom to apologize and pay compensation to Malaysia for the colonial period.

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