Colonialism Reparation is part of the movement for the condemnation, the reconciliation, the apologies and the compensations for colonialism.

It was conceived in 2008 by a volunteer of the Italian association Battito solidale which, thanks to his frequent journeys to Guinea and Senegal, had the opportunity to realize which disastrous impact the colonialism still had in the daily life of billions of people and how in many nations the current situation is merely its camouflaged continuation.

In the following two years a significant research work has allowed to publish a comprehensive framework of colonialism reparation from its origins to the present day and of the position taken by individual nations in this regard.

In 2011 the first core of volunteers constituted the association which operates at international level and is open to contributions of all those who positively support its initiatives.

Colonialism Reparation promotes, supports and spreads non-violent activities aimed to create awareness of the current world situation and thereby to encourage the achievement of its objective

  • that the colonizing nations condemn their colonial past recognizing it as a crime against humanity and that the colonized nations exert pressure to make it happen
  • that the colonizing nations reconcile with their past, permanently distancing themselves from it by officially apologizing the colonized nations
  • that the colonizing nations compensate the colonized nations for the atrocities and abuses committed thus allowing an improvement in their socio-economic conditions.

The contribution of every person who recognizes the importance of this activity to the creation of a climate of friendship and cooperation between peoples is necessary and appreciated. This contribution will create an extremely positive precedent in international relations as well, promoting the supremacy of the "force of law" on the "law of force".

Slave who breaks the chains - University Gamal Abdel Nasser - Conakry - Guinea