Art. 1: Constitution, name and head office

The international association Colonialism Reparation, with head office in Turin (Italy) and unlimited duration, has been established.


Art. 2: Objectives and purposes

The aim of the association is that nations which gave rise to this situation should condemn colonialism acknowledging their behaviour as a crime, that they reconcile with their past, apologize and pay reparations to the colonized nations.

It develops non-violent actions at a personal and institutional level, in order to create awareness and to encourage the implementation of its objectives.

It is open to the contribution of those who acknowledge the importance of this activity as a step towards the creation of a climate of friendship and cooperation among peoples and as an extremely positive precedent in the field of international relations, promoting the supremacy of the "force of law" over the "law of force ".


Art. 3: Membership

Membership of the association consists of its founders and of all the people applying to the Executive committee, paying the annual fee and committing to contribute to the achievement of the purposes of the Association.

Members have the right to participate in all the activities promoted by the association and commit to abide by this statute and the decisions adopted by the associative bodies.

Members will carry out their activities voluntarily and for free and may receive reimbursements of expenses related to the activities only within the limits set by the Executive Committee and upon delivery of the supporting documentation.

The expulsion of a member who adopts a behaviour contrasting with the purposes of the association is deliberated by the General Assembly under proposal of the Executive Committee. The latter shall first contest, in writing, the objections moved against the member, so that his right to reply is allowed.


Art. 4: General Assembly

The General Assembly directs the activities of the Association.

The General Assembly will be convened by the President at least once a year for the approval of the annual report and whenever the Executive Committee or a tenth of the members shall deem it necessary. It is validly constituted, whatever the number of the members attending.

The deliberations of the General Assembly shall be valid when they are passed by the majority of the participants, except the statutory changes which must be passed with the vote in favour of three quarters of the members attending.


Art. 5: Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall be elected by the General Assembly and its function is to ensure the enforcement of the decisions of the General assembly

The Executive Committee is composed exclusively of members, it holds office for three years and is chaired by the President.

The President has the legal representation of the association before the Court and third parties. In case of his absence or impediment, his functions shall be taken over by the Vice-President.


Art. 6: Dissolution

In case of dissolution, the assets of the Association shall be donated to associations operating in the same field.