So that colonialisms of yesterday and today are not repeated tomorrow

Other religious institutions promote reparations

Colonialism Reparation supports the reparations promoted by other religious institutions involved in colonialism and invites all remaining religious institutions to follow their example.

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Compensations in addition to apologies

Colonialism Reparation, while welcoming the apologies of the Netherlands for their role in the history of slavery, asks that the Netherlands and the other former colonizing countries in addition to the apologies present adequate compensations in agreement with the former colonized countries and the victim communities.

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Further progress on restitutions

Colonialism Reparation asks the repatriation of the remains and the definitive restitution of the treasures looted by former colonizers as a first step in the direction of the Reparation of the damages of colonialism, stopping to hinder an inevitable passage of human evolution.

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No more deferrals to reparations in the United States

Colonialism Reparation asks that the United States of America establish as soon as possible a Commission to study and develop reparation proposals for African Americans and invites all the state and local administrations to take action in the same direction.

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Reparations to the Democratic Republic of Congo

Colonialism Reparation asks that Belgium present apologies and reparations for the colonial period to the Democratic Republic of Congo finally repairing the crimes committed during one of the most brutal colonizations in history.

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Caribbean asks for reparations

Colonialism Reparation supports the request for reparations of the members of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) for the genocide of the native people and the slavery and calls on the former colonizers (United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, etc.) to apologize and pay compensations for the colonial period.

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Reparations to First Nations, Inuit and Métis

Colonialism Reparation welcomes the agreements-in-principle of 40 billion Canadian dollars to compensate native children who have continued to be taken away from their families in recent decades and to reform in the long term the discriminatory system of child services and asks that France, the United Kingdom and Canada present apologies and compensations for the entire colonial and apartheid period.

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