So that colonialisms of yesterday and today are not repeated tomorrow

No to the recolonization of Mali

Colonialism Reparation calls on France to carry out the immediate withdrawal of its troops and asks that the armed forces of Mali be backed only by the UN mission of support under African command.

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Canada must respect the rights of the natives

Colonialism Réparation invites the Canadian Government to really pursue truth and reconciliation about the Indian residential schools, supports the demands of the association Idle no more and the of the Attawapiskat chief Theresa Spence and calls on the Canadian Government to immediately recognize the same status even to Métis and to the natives living outside the reserves.

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Israel should return the occupied colonies

Colonialism Reparation calls on Israel to recognize the mistakes made, to reconcile with its own history, to return the occupied colonies to Palestine and to pay reparations for decades of violence and repression.

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Apologies to Algeria for the colonial genocide

Colonialism Reparation calls on France to aknowledge the colonial genocide and apologize to Algeria.

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Apologies and reparations to Mau Mau victims of torture

Colonialism Reparation calls on the United Kingdom to immediately apologize and pay reparations to Mau Mau for the torture and abuse systematically carried out by the British colonial government during the brutal repression of the independence movement in Kenya.

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William Hague, apologies not nonsense

Colonialism Reparations calls on the Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs William Hague to apologize and pay reparations to the former colonies of the British empire for the whole colonial period instead of affirming that Great Britain should “get out of this post-colonial guilt”even though apologies for the British imperialism have never been offered.

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Remembrance of the slave trade and of its abolition

Colonialism Reparation calls on all Member States of UNESCO to worthily celebrate 23 August of each year the International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and of its Abolition.

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