On February 7, 2010 one hundred twenty-five members of the National Liberation Front put a bill before the National People's Congress, the lower house of the Algerian Parliament, to condemn the French colonization.

On February 21 2010, Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia receives the visit of the Secretary General of the French President Claude Guéant, which is considered the coordinator of the Elysée's african politics, for a hearing on the French-Algerian relations. In the following months the Algerian government does not give his consent so that the bill be debated and voted on.

On September 25 2010, the President of the National People's Congress declares that this bill is not on the agenda of the current session, nor will probably be on the next one.

On December 26, 2011 the Algerian Minister of veterans Mohamed Chérif Abbas asked Parliament to approve the bill to condemn the French colonization introduced in 2010, stating that "the request of the criminalization of colonialism is a claim of the Algerian people and it will remain until France will not officially take its responsibilities".

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