Colonialism Reparation opposes to the recolonization of Libya by western powers.

The massive bombing campaign coordinated by NATO has largely exceeded the mandate established by resolution 1973 of the UN Security Council and has influenced in a decisive way the Libyan civil war toward a favorable outcome for the rebels, linked to the former colonial powers.

Italy, then, with its involvement in the bombings, founds itself in a doubly illegal situation, since it is also bound to Libya by the Treaty of Friendship, Partnership and Cooperation which provides for a non-aggression pact in addition to reparations for the colonial past.

If, as stated by the French President on September 1 2011 at the closing of the “Conference in support of new Lybia”, "interventions in Ivory Coast and Libya are the beginning of a policy that, with the authorisation of the Un, puts the military force in the service of the protection of the peoples that are likely to be martyred by their leaders", Colonialism Reparation hopes that the UN Security Council will no longer allows such interventions.

Only by encouraging the supremacy of the 'force of law" on the "law of force" the protection of peoples will be real and not simply an excuse for the protection of private interests.