On April 29 1991, the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 690, which provided for the organization of a referendum on the final status of Western Sahara. Western Sahara was a Spanish colony from 1884 (Berlin Conference) until 1975, while it has been a Moroccan colony since 1976. It was included in the list of the United Nations non-self-governing territories since 1963.

In recent years the issue of compensations was unfortunately faced both from Morocco and from Spain in an opportunistic or partial way.

On January 6 2006, the Fairness and Reconciliation Instance (IER) established by the King of Morocco published its final report, which identified Western Sahara as "Provinces of the South" and it was drawn up without consulting the Sahrawi people, citing security reasons. Its evident partiality has undermined its restorative effectiveness.

On August 1 2011, the Spanish Parliament approved the Law 27/11 to bring up to date, adapt and modernize the social security system, which at the forty additional regulation "Payments made by Sahrawi staff of Spanish companies, before the withdrawal from Western Sahara" provided that the Government, within two months, would submit to the Work and Immigration Commission a report on Western Sahara people that were working in Spanish companies on February 26 2006,when Spain withdrew from Western Sahara. In addition to the workers involved, the report would include the cost, the implementation plan and the deadlines. So far the report has never been submitted.

Colonialism Reparation calls on Morocco to immediately withdraw from the occupied territories thus allowing the organization of the referendum on the final status of Western Sahara decided by the United Nations in 1991 and calls on Spain and Morocco to apologize and compensate Sahrawi nation for the whole period of colonial rule including the submission by the Spanish Government of the report to allow the Sahrawi staff of Spanish companies to finally enjoy their deserved retirement.