On October 22, 2011 François Holland states, during his inaugural speech as socialist candidate for the Presidency of the French Republic, that "France will reject without regrets the miasma of the so-called Françafrique".

On January 26, 2012 François Hollande states again, in his electoral program "Change is now - my 60 commitments for France", that "he will put an end to 'Françafrique', by proposing a relationship based on equality, trust and solidarity".

On May 15, 2012, while François Hollande becomes the new President of the French Republic, the association Survie urges the new government to take immediately the five commitments below, which will be a first step toward a French policy in Africa at the service of peoples:

- the end of the "reserved domain" of the French President in foreign policy issues;

- the end of the political and diplomatic support to dictators - of course by refusing to receive them at the Elysée Palace, to visit them and to recognize their "victory" on the occasion of the simulacra of the elections;

- the closure of French military bases and the end of all external operations in Africa not placed under mandate, command and uniform of the United Nations;

- the start of a process of monetary sovereignty transfer to the States of CFA zone, of the withdrawal of France from the institutions of the CFA franc and of the refund of foreign exchange reserves;

- the cancellation of the military secret from all archives concerning French-african crimes, to finally help justice work, particularly on issues concerning the involvement of France in the Tutsis genocide in Rwanda.

Colonialism Réparation supports the request of the association Survie that the new French President François Holland keeps his electoral promise to "put an end to Françafrique" and that the five previous commitments became part of the program of the new government.