Your Excellencies,

today, more than ever, present time invites us to reflect and to analyse the events that brought the Haitian people to live in some miserable conditions.

We are writing you to express our deep disagreement towards the colonial past and, even more, towards the colonial actions that today are being implemented in the form of military and economic cooperation agreements, which allow the constant exploitation of the so-called ex-colonies.

We want to express our thirst for freedom, peace, justice and reconciliation about the violation of the human rights and of the dignity of the Haitian people. This violation was perpetrated first through colonization, then through the refusal to pay back the huge sum that was taken away for the Haitian independence and finally keeping Haiti in a state of dependency and extreme poverty during the last decades.

As citizens we ask the condemnation of colonialism as a crime against humanity, because only through this acknowledgement a path of liberation from the past will begin.

As citizens we believe in the possibility of reconciliation with that heavy past, which would allow to overcome the widespread mixture of collective removal and racism grown as a result of the colonial policies of the past centuries.

As citizens we also call on the highest offices of France and United States to present their official apologies to the Haitian government in order to lay the basis for a climate of friendship and cooperation between peoples.
As citizens we finally ask that these excuses be accompanied by some fair reparations for the atrocities and the abuse of power committed against the Haitian people.

By paying reparations to Haiti for the damages of their colonial policies and by giving what was unjustly taken away back to Haiti, France and the United States will help Haiti to take destiny into its own hands and to put an end to the intolerable and absurd suffering that Haitian people is forced to experience, today more than ever. France and the United States will also help themselves to regain their dignity in the face of History and of all the nations of the planet.

Through the request for reparations, Haiti will be able to rebuild a new page of its history and to demonstrate that humanitarian aid and crumbs passed off as great acts of solidarity are not necessary to restore the life of a nation weakened by suffering and by natural disasters.

Hoping in a favorable position to our requests, we send you our best regards.