Since almost five hundred years many countries around the world have been enslaved (for Africa alone estimates goes from ten to one hundred million people), occupied and robbed of their raw materials and of their dignity as well.

During the last decades of the past century most of the colonized countries gained independence, which in many cases was only formal, giving rise to an economic neo-colonialism.

The colonizing nations have stopped to be colonizers in words actually looting the riches of their former colonies and reducing them in extreme poverty; forcing them to get into enormous and unfair public debts and then pretending to help them they have sunk even more their economies to hold them in their grasp. They have placed their "puppets" to govern the "freed" territories wiping out all forms of democracy by "imposing" military and economic cooperation agreements.

This situation has created enormous pain and suffering at human level and an extremely negative precedent in international relations, asserting the "law of force" and degrading the "force of law".

I understand that colonialism is one of darkest pages of history.

We are living in a world where globalization has brought the advantage of having a huge amount of information, a virtual but real closeness among millions of people; culture has widespread new ideas, new horizons and a new way of perceiving the world and the other human beings.

We know and we can no longer remain silent because silence is a form of agreement, and we do not want to be accomplices, we are so many, we are everywhere, we are a wave difficult to stop!!!

We of all colors and shades, languages and cultures, we simple people, all of us we ask that colonialism be declared a crime against humanity by the different nations that have committed it, we wish that every nation reconcile with its past and officially apologize paying reparations to the victims.

We want to close with this dark past and open the door for a new and worthy human future.

The fulfilment of our request will contribute to the creation of a climate of friendship and cooperation among peoples and will create a extremely positive precedent in international relations, fostering the supremacy of the "force of law" on the "law of force".

I declare that it is time to say stop to this abomination!