So that colonialisms of yesterday and today are not repeated tomorrow

Newsletter 10/11 - Stop Colonialism-Haiti

This international campaign aims to promote a change in relations between peoples, today subjected to the law of force, to create some relations based on the force of law.

To do this, it is necessary that colonialism be condemned as a crime against humanity and that the nations that have given rise to this situation reconcile with their past, apologize and pay reparations to the colonized countries for the enormous sufferings caused, whose effects still persist.

Haiti was chosen as beneficiary of this campaign, since it was the first colony to declare itself independent from slavery and that nowadays still suffers from the political, economic and social effects of centuries of colonial occupation.

The campaign is made up of several actions, depending on whether one is citizen of a colonizer or colonized country. In both cases, everybody signs a declaration and send an open letter to the institutions of Haiti and to the colonizing nations of Haiti (France and United States) and in copy to the United Nations. Every citizen of colonizing nations pay 10 euro as a symbolic reparation, which at the end of the campaign will be delivered to the civil society organizations in Haiti that are working on the issue of reparation, while every citizen of colonized nations invite friends and acquaintances to join the campaign by sending them an invitation via mail.

In addition to represent a clear position on the theme of colonialism, currently subject of collective removal and a source of racism, the campaign aims to pressure for real reparations to Haiti by the colonizing nations, an act that would give back to Haiti its dignity, denied by centuries of oppression.

We of all colors and shades, languages and cultures, we simple people, all of us we ask that colonialism be declared a crime against humanity by the different nations that have committed it, we wish that every nation reconcile with its past and officially apologize paying reparations to the victims. We want to close with this dark past and open the door for a new and worthy human future.

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