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Newsletter 07/16 - Now recognition of the genocide in Namibia

On May 25, 2016 the German Parliament delegation visiting Namibia met with representatives of the Herero and Nama people, descendants of the victims of the genocide committed by the German colonial troops between 1904 and 1908 during which approximately seventy-five thousand people were exterminated. During the meeting the representatives of the Herero and Nama people recalled that with regard to the ongoing negotiations on genocide, apologies and compensations can not be "lasting solution negotiated about us without us".

On June 2, 2016 the German Parliament by an overwhelming majority recognizes the Armenian genocide (Tagesordnungspunkt 5-a) and the co-responsibility of the then German Empire. In the motion, the German Parliament “[...] regrets the inglorious role of the German Empire, which, as a principal ally of the Ottoman Empire, did not try to stop these crimes against humanity, despite explicit information regarding the organized expulsion and extermination of Armenians, including also from German diplomats and missionaries. [...] The German Empire bears partial complicity in the events. [...]”. The German Parliament has not yet recognized the Herero and Nama genocide in Namibia, despite the great efforts of the coalition No Amnesty on Genocide! and the various motions presented.

Colonialism Reparation asks that now Germany, as it has done for the Armenian genocide, recognize the colonial genocide in Namibia involving in the ongoing negotiations for apologies and compensations the Herero and Nama victims people, because, as stated by the Vice President of the German Parliament, a sincere confrontation with the past makes a country stronger.

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