On May 3, 2014 the Chinese Premier LI Keqiang responding to allegations of Chinese neo-colonialism declared that "In its cooperation with Africa, China has always upheld the principles of equality, mutual benefit, real results, efficiency, sincerity and credibility and never attached any political strings to its assistance to Africa".

On September 7, 2013 Chinese President Xi Jinping made one of the first Chinese proposals with an international appeal: the construction of a new land and marine Silk Road aiming at reinforcing the Euro-Afro-Asian cooperation and developing the nations involved, completely ignored by the West.

The same West that is now trying to use China as a scapegoat in an attempt to conceal the continuation of its neo-colonialist enterprises, masked in recent years as humanitarian interventions to honor the responsibility to protect. By scrolling through the list of interventions of these last decades of the United Kingdom, France, the United States, NATO and China it appears evident who today needs to protect their own interests using the military force.

Colonialism Reparation calls on the neo-colonialist West to stop using China, emerging peaceful world power, as a scapegoat and, on the other hand, apologize and pay reparations to the former colonies militarily occupied in recent centuries, including China.