From July 1905 to July 1907 the originary peoples of the southern part of German East Africa rebelled against the colonization acted by the German empire that repressed them brutally during the Maji Maji war killing tens of thousand of people.

On February 8, 2017 during a parliamentary question (88. Mheshimiwa Vedasto Edgar Ngombale) about the measures taken by the Government to compensate the victims of the Maji Maji war the Minister of Defence and National Service Hussein Mwinyi said that his Ministry will work to request for reparations to Germany, taking steps together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The next day in an interview Minister Hussein Mwinyi has then explained to want to follow the example of the requests of the Mau Mau of Kenya and the Herero and Nama of Namibia.

Colonialism Reparation supports the request for reparations of Tanzania for the atrocities committed during the Maji Maji war and calls for the former colonizers (Germany and United Kingdom) to present apologies and compensations for the colonial period without being forced to appear before a court.