On April 9, 2015, after a month of protests of the Rhodes Must Fall movement and following the positive vote of the Council of the University of Cape Town in South Africa, the statue of the colonialist Cecil Rhodes was temporarily removed waiting for the permanent removal. The protests are then continued bringing the insourcing of the University workers previously outsourced.

In recent months always in South Africa the Open Stellenbosch movement is moving to the University of Stellenbosch for English as the primary language to the place of Afrikaans and the insourcing of the workers, the Rhodes Student Representative Council of the University of Grahamstown has achieved that the Council of the Rhodes University of Grahamstown approved the discussion to change its name and the #feesmustfall movement, started at the Witwatersrand University of Johannesburg and spread in other universities, has achieved zero university fee increase for the new year.

Always in recent months the protest has also spread to the United Kingdom where the Rhodes Must Fall in Oxford movement has achieved that Oriel College of the Oxford University launched the procedure for removal of the commemorative plaque and the statue of Cecil Rhodes. The protest is continuing with a petition for the immediate removal of the statue, which was obviously opposed by individuals like former South African President Frederik de Klerk and former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Colonialism Reparation supports the requests of the Rhodes Must Fall movement and invites all academic institutions to decolonize their past repairing the abuses committed, so that symbolic changes become irreversible and rooted in the education system.