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Canada - Apartheid
The native population (First Nations, Inuit, Métis), estimated at more than one million people (4% of the population of Canada), has been the subject of various forms of apartheid during both the colonial period and after the independence. The Indian residential schools are the most striking example of apartheid developed in the Canadian colonies from the United Kingdom and after 1931 directly from the Federal government to assimilate the native population to the dominant culture.

On May 10, 2006 the Canadian Government announced the approval of the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement, whose implementation began on September 19, 2007 providing reparations and welfare services to the victims, the activation of a Truth and Reconciliation commission, a program of commemorations and reconciliation initiatives.

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Colonialism Reparation

United States: Reparations Are Coming

On January 4, 2021, giving continuity to the action of congressman John Conyers Jr. begun in 1989 and those who preceded and accompanied him, congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee introduces the bill 40 to establish a Commission to study and develop reparation proposals for African-Americans.

On April 14, 2021 the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives votes to report to the House floor for consideration by 25 votes to 17. The bill up to now has the support of 185 deputies.

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The end of the Empire

"American exceptionalism is a narcotic that fuels the country’s domestic politics more than global geo-political reality. The ‘rules-based international order’ that underpins this fantasy is unsustainable in the modern era and makes the collapse of the “exceptional” United States inevitable.
Watching the Biden administration throw its weight behind a US-dominated ‘rules-based international order’ is like watching the Titanic set sail; it is big, bold, and beautiful, and its fate pre-ordained."...

This is the conclusion of the article "The Pending Collapse of the ‘Rules-based International Order’ Is an Existential Threat to the United States" by Scott Ritter, published by Global Research News.

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