Activities at the World Social Forum 2013

The three workshops on the issue of reparations Organizing a World Anticolonial Week, From Colonisation to Reparations and From Colonialism to Reparations at the World Social Forum 2013 in Tunis were organized by Colonialism Reparation, CRAN and Sortir du Colonialisme. Mireille Fanon of the Frantz Fanon Foundation and the Member of European Parliament Jean-Jacob Bicep also spoke at the meetings. About one hundred people attended the workshops, a great part of whom were representatives of other organizations.

A summary of the situation of reparations have been made and some proposals have been introduced:

The workshops ended with the Assembly of convergence To end with racism, xenophobia and the discriminations that are the bases of colonialism that included the proposals of the workshops.

Workshops on reparations 27/03/2013

Workshops on reparations 28/03/2013