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[Colonialism Reparation] Newsletter 01/23

[Colonialism Reparation] Newsletter 01/23
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Slavery is the first phase of colonialism and, although already present in earlier times, it achieves the greatest development during colonialism.
Estimates of the number of people enslaved in the course of centuries vary widely, but for Africa alone are between ten and one hundred million people (Joseph Ki-Zerbo (1977) History of Black Africa, Torino, Einaudi, p. 274).

Only in the nineteenth century, under the boost of the movement for the abolitionism, it will progressively be abolished.
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Colonialism Reparation

Compensations in addition to apologies

On July 1, 2021, on the occasion of the celebration of Keti Koti, the Mayor of Amsterdam Femke Halsema offers apologies for the involvement of former city governments in the worldwide slave trade and slavery and the Chairman of the "Advisory Board of the Slavery Past Dialogue" Dagmar Oudshoorn presents the final report Chains of the Past, recommending that the State proceeds with condemnation, apologies and reparations.

On December 10, 2021 the Mayor of Rotterdam Ahmed Aboutaleb presents apologies for the involvement of former city governments in colonialism and slavery since the 17th century.

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The end of the Empire

Two articles on the new multipolar world order looming on the horizon, both by Pepe Escobar, are our new reading proposal: Russia, India, China, Iran: The Quad that Really Matters "... Here, concisely, is the open “secret” of our current geopolitical incandescence. Washington’s number one priority is the containment of China. That implies blocking the EU from getting closer to the key Eurasia drivers  – China, Russia, and Iran – engaged in building the world’s largest free trade/connectivity environment ..." and Xi of Arabia and the Petroyuan Drive "... BRI not only embodies a complex, multi-track trans-Eurasian trade/connectivity drive but it is the overarching Chinese foreign policy concept at least until the mid-21st century ...".
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