So that colonialisms of yesterday and today are not repeated tomorrow

Support to the CARICOM reparations Commission

Colonialism Reparation supports the path taken by the regional reparations Commission and calls on all Member States of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) that have not yet done it to form as soon as possible their own national reparations committees.

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No to the recolonization of the Central African Republic

Colonialism Reparation calls on France to carry out the immediate withdrawal of its troops and asks that the armed forces of the Central African Republic be placed side by side only with the support mission of the African Union.

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Apologies and reparations for Batang Kali

Colonialism Reparation supports the request for apologies and compensations of the victim’s families committee for the Batang Kali’s massacre and calls on the United Kingdom to apologize and pay compensation to Malaysia for the colonial period.

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Transparency on colonial profits

Colonialism Reparation supports the adoption by the town of Sainte-Anne in Martinique  of a transparency clause that obligates its suppliers to declare any profit obtained from slavery and  wishes that more and more local and national administrations ask for transparency on colonial profits as well.

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The Caribbean nations are demanding reparations

Colonialism Reparation supports the request for reparations for the genocide of the native people and slavery presented to the United Nations General Assembly by the members of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and calls on the former colonizers (United Kingdom, France, The Netherlands, etc. ) to apologize and pay compensation for the colonial period.

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Call for the International Day for Reparations Related to Colonization

On October 12, 1492, Christopher Columbus set foot on the so called "New World", ushering in a cycle of occupation, violence, genocide and slavery: this was the beginning of colonization.

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Apologies and compensations to the Sahrawi nation

Colonialism Reparation calls on Morocco to immediately withdraw from the occupied territories thus allowing the organization of the referendum on the final status of Western Sahara decided by the United Nations in 1991 and calls on Spain and Morocco to apologize and compensate the Sahrawi nation for the whole period of colonial rule.

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